Friday, October 01, 2010

Drawing the Usecase Diagrams

I imagine TaskStream will be used by 2 types of people in an organization, Users and Admins.
The diagrams above was produced using using:

[User]-(Sign in)
(Sign in)>(Sign out)
(Sign in)>(Update Settings)
(Sign in)>(Forgot Password)
[User]-(Share a task)
(Share a task)>(Delete task)
(Share a task)>(Update task)
[User]-(View task stream)
[User]-(Comment on a task)
(Comment on a task)>(Delete own comment)

Admins, in addition to what regular users can do, also have a few more use cases:

[Admin]-(Manage Users)
(Manage Users)>(Update a User)
(Manage Users)>(Delete a User)
[Admin]-(Generate Reports)

I think this is enough to cover the basic functionality of TaskStream. It's time to go into detail and flesh out the User Stories.

TaskStream devlog#02: Writing the User Stories
TaskStream: simple task sharing and tracking

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