Friday, February 01, 2013

iphone 5 plan comparison

iphone 5 plan comparison from globe and smart

I took some time to dissect each iphone plan from both globe and smart.

The spreadsheet below compare the iphone 5 - 16GB plans on unlimited data.

The cheapest plan for the iphone 5 16GB comes from smart but the difference is really not that much especially if you look at the monthly cost. The smart plan also provides a bit more free all texts and minutes. To me, it still boils down to the network where most of your contacts are.

The iphone 5 16GB unit might not meet your storage needs so for an additional 200 pesos per month, you can avail of the iphone 5 32GB. Here, globe takes the lead by a measly 1 peso per month. But in my opinion, smart provides a lot more value in the form of freebies.

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