Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Trying Ubuntu 12.04LTS Precise Pangolin

I migrated my desktop from Ubuntu 10.04LTS to Ubuntu 12.04LTS.

A few things I needed to add after installation:
  • Chromium as my default browser
  • adobe-flash to be able to play flash games on facebook
  • openjdk-6-jdk for work stuff
  • icedtea-plugin to be able to run charting applet on citisec
  • pidgin for messaging
  • git for more work
  • smartgit for routine pushing and comitting to git repos
  • smartsvn for routine pushing and comitting to git repos
  • STS for work stuff
  • DB Visualizer for work stuff
  • Virtual Box for desktop virtualization
  • Dia for diagramming
  • synergy to share one keyboard between my desktop and laptop
  • dropbox for personal file sharing
  • pencil for mockups
  • smplayer for watching videos
  • vlc for videos that do not work with smplayer
  • git gui for simple git commits
  • myqsl-server for development work
  • mysql workbench for managing mysql database
  • postgresql for development work
  • pgadmin for managing postgres database

Should I be replacing stuff on the list with something else? What other stuff have I forgotten to install?

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