Friday, November 26, 2010

Lotto Number Generator for the Philippine Grandlotto 6/55

With the current jackpot price at about PHP 685 million, everyone and their mother is talking about the Philippine Grandlotto 6/55.

To help my friends and a few enemies choose numbers to bet on, I cobbled together a few lines of HTML and Javascript to build a Lotto Number Generator for the Philippine Grandlotto 6/55.

This tool is completely free. I have a few more features to add to it so questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. You can click the link below to go to

Lotto Number Generator for the Philippine Grandlotto 6/55

If you do win using a number that my system generated, please PLEASE feel free to donate and throw some of your spare change my way. If you don't like to, even with your millions, then you could at least thank me by acknowledging in public that you picked your winning number thru my system.

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  1. Unlucky at lotto? maybe there's a missing luck factor or an angel of good luck, check out

  2. galing nito! gawa ka rin sana ng number generator para sa ibang lotto games lalo na sa swertres na patok na patok sa masa. pwede ko bang i-link yan sa pcso lotto results?

  3. To PCSO Lotto

    More information you can find on
    If you got some more questions please ask me. Never missed your lack!