Friday, September 17, 2010

iPhone App Review: Eliminate

Eliminate is a real-time multi-player arena style first-person shooter game which is free to download and install. More importantly Eliminate is FREE to play. Players duke it out in 4-player free for all matches across several maps.

Eliminate offers a good amount of customization as players can purchase different weapons and armor as well as upgrade their existing ones. To earn credits, players must do well in the matches i.e. getting the kills and picking up the dropped credits whenever they succeed to eliminate another player. Players also level-up which unlocks more powerful weapons and armor.

The players armor has an energy meter which is expended with each match that is played. When the meter is full, a player can play up to 3 matches. A player can still play with no energy but that player will not earn credits. The energy bar recharges itself every 4 hours. Players can also use power cells to charge their energy bar. Power cells maybe purchased thru the iTunes’s in-app purchase system. A pack of 20 power cells costs $0.99.

As for me, I downloaded and installed the different versions of the game from the app store:

Eliminate Boost
Eliminate Burst
Eliminate Turbo
Eliminate Co-op

Each version offers some free power cells so I believe I have around 40 power cells in my account. I've tried the bot matches and as expected, I sucked at it. I will be doing some more training with the bots before I dive into actual player vs player combat. I recommend everyone to at least give Eliminate a try.

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