Saturday, April 10, 2010

Iphone OS 4.0 Developer Preview Notes

Iphone OS 4.0 Developer Preview

To be released in the Summer for iPhone and in the Fall for the iPad

1500 new APIs for developers
- Calendar Access
- Photo Library
- in-app SMS
- Full access to still and video camera

100 new user features
- create playlists
- 5x digital zoom
- gift apps
- bluetooth keyboards

7 tentpole features
1) Multitasking
 - not the first but we will be the best just like cut and paste
 - easy to implement which will drain the battery life and slow the performance of the foreground app

How they added multitasking without preserving battery life and performance?
- from all the apps in the app store, they looked for the services that the apps need to multi-task in the background and they implemented the services themselves in a way that preserves battery life and performance. They provide the 7 services as APIs:
- Background audio
- Voice over IP
- Background location
- Push notifications
- Local notifications
- Task completion
- Fast app switching

2) Folders
intelligent naming
180 -> 2,160 apps

3) Enhanced Mail
- Unified inbox w/ multiple exchange accounts
- Fast inbox switching
- Organize by thread
- Open attachments with an app

4) iBooks
- ebook reader
- ibookstore
- buy once, read anywhere
- sync page and bookmarks
- free winnie the pooh

5) Enterprise
- Even better data protection
- Mobile Device Management
- Wireless app distribution
- Multiple exchange accounts
- exchange server 2010
- SSL VPN support

6) Game Center
- Social gaming network
- invite friends
- matchmaking
- leaderboard
- achievements

7) iAd: Mobile Advertising
- Emotion + interactivity
- Ads keep you in your app
- Built in to iPhone OS
- Apple sells & hosts the ads
- 60% revenue -> developer

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