Sunday, January 04, 2009

OYMAD Launched

Online Yahoo Messenger Archive Decrypter (OYMAD) - FREE and NO NEED TO INSTALL
What is this?
A free online service that allows you to read the contents of the Yahoo Messenger log files. Normally, the log files are unreadable because they are encrypted. This site can decrypt the files for you without the need to install anything so it works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Why would I use this?
A completely valid reason could be: you got locked out of your account due to phishing site and you just need to read something from your archives. Tough luck, you can't view the log files normally without signing in. But with this tool, you can read the logs even without signing in.
So how do I use this? What do I need?
You just need the username of the account and the message archive(.dat) file you want to decrypt. If you are on windows on a default Yahoo Messenger install, you can find the archives at: C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles\yourAccountName\Archive\Messages\ 
Tested with Yahoo version 8 and 9. Please comment on this entry if you have any questions, suggestions or for support. To access the service,visit
NOTE: If you can't access the page, your DNS might be broken. Try using which is a public opendns server

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  1. henyo talaga! :) worked as advertised - short and simple. keep it up! :D