Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Must Have Windows XP apps

As I just finished setting up a dual boot system (OSX & Windows XP), I had a good opportunity to take not of what I deem as crucial software that I want installed on my XP box. I plan to use the XP box mainly for playing PC games
  • Firefox - browser of choice; installed the downthemall plugin to facilitate downloads
  • Spybot Search & Destroy - my anti-malware of choice
  • Nod32 - my anti-virus of choice
  • Flash Player - just in case I wana try a flash game or 2
  • WinRar - for decompressing stuff
  • uTorrent - for downloading stuff
  • mplayer - for playing movies
  • mediacoder - for encoding
  • ultraedit - best all around editor

1 comment:

  1. NOD32 - not free, AVG seems good enough
    Flash Player - just be cautious of malicous flash files
    Firefox - not acid3 100% compliant. Opera 10 is and has a new engine
    Noscript firefox plugin - the best plugin which disables all websites javascript/flash by default. you then add specific sites or scripts from the site to the whitelist.